About Us

ENCOURAGING LEADERS – Giving Back through Life-Changing Experiences


Our mission is to inspire underserved youth and young adults to recognize their inner talents and gain confidence in their ability to shape a positive future for themselves and their community.
We reach out to them at times when they are most vulnerable and offer them support through our personalized services, our access to resources, and our mentorship program. Our intervention allows them to take the first step in breaking through the boundaries that limit their dreams and aspirations.


We envision that our efforts will result in youth and young adults gaining the resolve to walk away from risky situations, refrain from unhealthy patterns of behavior, make better decisions, complete their education, and develop an inner compass by which they can shape their lives in a positive direction. We also envision that their communities will experience an evolving renaissance due to the leadership roles that these youth will assume as they transition to adulthood.

Our Partners



We are 100% committed to the success of our youth participants. We not only have the dedication and determination to accomplish our goals, but we have developed valuable community relationships that will help us reach out and offer support to those who need it the most.


While we always have traditional approaches to rely on, we are not afraid to use creative and innovative approaches to help our youth reach the level of self-confidence needed for them to succeed.


We have a solid support system in place so that vulnerable youth can count on us to help whenever and wherever they need us. We also have the capacity to address trauma situations though innovative arts/media therapy.


We begin our outreach with establishing trusting relationships. As first responders in difficult situations, we know that this is fundamental to our ability to make a difference


Every member of our team is in alignment of our principles of trust, transparency, decency and commitment to our mission and values.


We hold ourselves accountable to our local youth, to our community, and to ourselves as professionals.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

100% Pledge, Stands For Encouraging The People To Think Outside Of Themselves. We Believe That No Matter How Bad A Situation Is, It Can Always Get Better, Which Leaves Us With No Excuse To Sit Back And Accept Things At Face Value.