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100% Pledge, is a program designed to empower the youth culture to be dedicated forming a fun and functional society of motivated youth through educational and community involvement. 100% Pledge will assemble youth of Twin Cities and harness enthusiasm and turn them into a congregation of proactive individuals with a penchant for people.100% Pledge is an organization comprised of dreamers dedicated to bringing about peace, equality and equity to our local neighbourhoods. Ultimately, we look to accomplish creating a change in the public mind-set so that more people are willing to actively address common issues that plague the youth in our community. Not for political ends, but humanitarian ones.

100% Pledge, stands for encouraging the people to think outside of themselves. We believe that no matter how bad a situation is, it can always get better, which leaves us with no excuse to sit back and accept things at face value. This system was founded on the principles of uniqueness, individualism, kindness, solidarity, and above all humanity being one united whole. These are only to be looked upon as strengths since different ways of looking at the world are vital for looking at different ways to change the world, which we believe everyone can and should do.

Ultimately, 100% Pledge can serve to be a holistic approach at youth development by servicing them from the perspective of youth whom have been there and are doing that and collaborating with other community organization to create a “Full Service” program.

● Strengthening bonds between the community and the youth
● Bring awareness to struggle that the youth face
● Connect youth to a platform to stay out of jail : Mentorship

Timeline: (6 months)
● WEEK 1 : Introduction : GET TO KNOW ME
● WEEK 2: What Will Help Me Be Successful : The data will be compiled and analysed to produce a comprehensive report to show specific needs and wants from youth

(Phase 2) Part 1 – Four Weeks / Part 2 – 14 weeks (part 2 will overlap with phase 3)

Our phase 2 will consist of two parts:

Part 1 – Program development of our in-school youth development teams called “Life Navigators” that will follow enrolee’s throughout their school careers.

*Life Navigators will provide consistent follow up and (intervening if needed) to provide students with encouragement and/or connect them or their families to services that prevent homelessness, teen pregnancy, food disparities, academic standings decreases as well as promote and reward for all levels of achievement. **Our Network of Partners (comprised of individuals and organizations) will fulfil our resource needs.

Part 2 – Software development of our out of school component.100% Pledge Social Network.

* 100% Pledge will feature a Social Network that will be used as an online and mobile tool that will allow our youth to connect to services, events, achievement bonuses, etc… Our social network platform will serve as “One Stop Shop” for all of our Clients, Caregivers, Partners and Staff’s needs. Membership will be required and come with a host of perks to keep the interest of all involved.

(Phase 3) Six Weeks / Cont. Phase 2 – Part 2
Phase 3 will be establishing Twin Cities schools that best fit our in-school pilot. In this pilot we will collaborating with selected Twin Cities schools to provide implementation of the in-school youth development teams that will follow through with membership enrolment into 100% Pledge and assignments to a Life Navigator.

Because we are merely a catalyst for community engagement, we are very open to suggestion and respond to whatever the community as a whole feels most urgent. This can range from school attendance, academic proficiency to the high school student retention rate, from the ecological to the economical, and even small business to immigration reform. However, we always retain our signature emphasis for connecting and uplifting the people and the family unit as a whole while providing services.

We stand for making communities self-sufficient. This means getting people off of welfare into liveable wage careers and onto small businesses and big change. We stand for local artists and developing people’s individual talents and skills by connecting them with like minded individuals, so that they can later return and give back as fully matured individuals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]